With the help of our ministry and the DGRSDT, the ENPC has received the notifications to fit out the technological halls which will receive the first two platforms “Micro and nano-electronics” and “Sciences and technology of materials” in the numerous technological halls available, justified on the one hand by the missions fixed to the school and on the other hand by the expertise and the proven national and international recognition that faculty enjoys:

These platforms, managed jointly with the DGRSDT, are available to ENPC students and researchers. It is useful to recall once again an excerpt from the Minister’s speech on this subject: « Within the framework of the reform of higher education through its various training cycles, we are working to strengthen the links between training and research as an essential objective. Thus, mechanisms to promote training through research have been adopted in a legal text relating to doctoral students integrating them into the national research system and encouraging them to carry out research activities within the framework of the programmed themes, by benefiting from a scholarship equivalent to the guaranteed minimum national salary (SNMG) “. In addition, ENPC researchers will be grouped together in a research unit which will be created rapidly to carry out their various research projects (CNEPRU, PNR and others) and to efficiently supervise doctoral students while considering the opening of a future Doctoral School for post-graduate training.

In addition, a proposal for the creation of a Technopole at the ENPC has been submitted to the DGRSDT. This technology park will be able to bring together the other technological platforms initially planned.

Technopole of Constantine (ENPC)

(Global vision)


  • To provide decision support tools and cutting-edge technology to public and private companies and academic institutions in research and education
  • Raise awareness among companies and young entrepreneurs with real life examples to develop their own businesses
  • Demystify the concept of innovative industry and make it easily accessible
  • Enhance the existing research potential for accelerated industrialization and economic development (creation of “smart cities”)
  • Strengthen our action within the framework of the network of Technology and Innovation Support Centers (CATI) in order to ensure a wide dissemination of innovation and know-how


genie mec

1- Mechanical manufacturing technology

Mission: To ensure the production of parts and high-level scientific tools for the manufacture of machines and devices with palpable benefits for the quality of scientific research and economic and social development of the country.

Skills : Design, modeling, simulation, realization, mechanical manufacturing technologies and characterization, manufacturing of small parts of different materials and complex shapes, welding. 3D Manufacturing

pno soler

<p class="``has-text-align-left``">2- Energy and Environmental Technology</p>

Mission: Design and production of tools to meet societal and economic challenges with strong industrial convergence. Innovation.

Skills Design, modeling, simulation, transfer phenomena, thermal machines, tools and parts for solar and wind energy, waste recovery and disposal, instrumentation, metrology, automation for pollution analysis and automated process control, instruments for water and waste quality analysis, flow, level and pressure measurement, pollution detection and evaluation. Process engineering.


3- Communication and information technology

Mission: to maintain communication and information technology at the service of sustainable development.

Skills : Software engineering and information systems, systems architecture, hardware and electronics integration. Robotics, sensors and actuators.


4- Water and agriculture technology

Mission: Propose solutions for addressing environmental issues in agriculture, water technologies, agrosystems and food safety.

Skills : hydraulic machines. agricultural machinery and irrigation systems, innovation.


5- Biomedical equipment technology

Mission: To propose a better quality of service of the biomedical equipment park in Instrumentation and biomedical maintenance and to manufacture basic biomedical and pharmaceutical equipment.

Skills : To propose parts for the maintenance of medical equipment, to propose reliable medical devices and equipment, simple to use and maintain, meeting the needs and standards of the health market.


6- Building materials technology

Mission:to develop manufacturing technology for composites and construction materials.

Compétences : Composite materials, Cement and concrete composite structures, materials and assembly methods, Insulation, Interior wall, roof and floor coverings.


7- Technology of amorphous materials (glasses and polymers)

Mission: Mastery of glass and polymer forming techniques, innovation in this field; development of electroactive devices (based on PZT ceramics, amorphous magnetics and composites (SMC)) for electrical machines.

Skills : Glass shaping techniques and polymer extrusion; characterization methods.

Technologie de l’énergie électrique

8- Electrical energy technology

Mission Missions: intelligent management of electrical networks (smart grid); control of electricity consumption (energy efficiency); implementation of HV techniques (electrical insulation, maintenance, etc.); control of renewable energy conversion chains (solar, wind, etc.) and technological implementation (decentralized production in rural or isolated areas, electric vehicles, storage, etc.)

Skills : high voltage; smart grid; RE; simulation software platforms; integrated design models, tools and methods; in situ prototyping.


9 - Pharmaceutical development and manufacturing technology

Mission In order to support the policy of development of the pharmaceutical industry decided by the public authorities, it is necessary to develop new processes of manufacture of the drugs and to optimize the existing processes, in the respect of the requirements of the pharmaceutical regulation and the protection of the environment, to develop and optimize the techniques of analyses and control of the pharmaceutical products, before, during and after the manufacture.

Skills : TPharmaceutical unit operation pilots, characterization and analysis equipment.