The education of engineers in process engineering at the ENP of Constantine aims to develop, the abilities to :

  • Develop an approach based on process engineering (chemical and biochemical reaction, material and heat transfer, fluid mechanics, energetics, automation, mathematical tools, etc.), in order to design, dimension, operate, improve, manage or market chemical, physical or biological transformation processes of matter and/or energy, taking into account the constraints of the targeted application sector
  • Take into account environmental problems and contexts by relying on a knowledge of the legislative and regulatory framework but also on a theoretical and practical knowledge of environmental engineering.
  • Work in teams on multidisciplinary process engineering projects.
  • Develop complementary scientific and technical knowledge consistent with the student’s professional project and with the professions and sectors targeted by the training
  • Train students for a career in production or engineering in the pharmaceutical, food, phytopharmaceutical and cosmetic industries;
  • Enable students to be aware the latest technologies in these industries
  • Provide graduate students with the additional knowledge required to address specific problems in the pharmaceutical industry.


Option offered

  • Process Engineering: Process engineering is a multidisciplinary training that aims to apply unit operations (distillation, absorption, adsorption, liquid-liquid extraction, granulation, drying……) in several industrial fields (pharmaceutical, food processing, petrochemical, etc.). It provides the student with the necessary skills to work in the prevention and treatment of industrial pollution, waste management and the development of solutions to environmental problems, in a context of sustainable development.

Job Opportunities

The engineers in “Process Engineering” work mainly in the following sectors

  • Production, management and distribution of drinking water
  • Management of the sanitation system
  • Treatment of wastewater from all sources (industrial, agri-food, urban, etc.)
  • Treatment and recovery of waste (solid and liquid)
  • Treatment of gaseous effluents
  • Process modeling and simulation
  • Sizing and expertise of water treatment plants
  • Galenic development laboratory,
  • Industrial development,
  • Research management,
  • Scientific and technical monitoring,
  • Quality control
  • Production management,
  • Manufacturing and/or packaging of drugs and pharmaceutical products


  • Water and wastewater treatment and management companies (SEACO and ONA)
  • Food industry, textile, dairy (Numidia,…)
  • Health and safety services in private and public establishments
  • The oil industry (SONATRACH, NAFTAL…)
  • Environmental engineering consultancies (environmental process design, impact studies, technical and economic calculations)
  • Pharmaceutical industry (LDM, Neomedic, HUPP, Zedpharm Group, Saidal, BIOGALINIC, ISOPHARM-ALGERIE, Union pharmaceutique Constantinoise (UPC), ADWIYA MAMI, ATP, SANOFI, Pfizer, novonordisk)