1- Access and registration :

Item 01:

  • Access to the library is open to students and teachers of the school
  • Users who belong to other schools can access our library with an access authorization issued by their library and validated by the school’s director.

Item 02:

  • Presentation of the student card when entering the library is mandatory.

Item 03:

  • To borrow a document, you must be registered in the library.
  • Teachers, researchers and associate professors visiting the school may borrow books under the responsibility of a school official.

2- Regulations at the lending library:

Item 04:

The library follows two lending methods:

  • Internal loan:

It concerns the loan of documents to be consulted on site only in the reading room.

  • External loan:

– The loan is subject to the presentation of the card (students, teachers); the duration and the number of loans vary according to the borrower’s status:

– students are allowed to borrow (02) two books within one week

– Teachers and researchers have the right to borrow (03) books within 15 days (two weeks).

Item 05:

  • Some documents are not available for loan (dictionaries, encyclopedias, guides, dissertations (the paper version).

Item 06:

  • Each user is personally responsible for the transactions made with their card. The use of the student card is strictly personal.
3- Infractions and penalties :

Item 07:

  • If at the exit the ringing At the entrance of the anti-theft gate, the user must present himself to the staff of the lending bank; the agents are entitled to ask him to present the content of his personal belongings (bag, satchel, etc.) for verification

Item 08:

  • In case of theft with deterioration of the document (tearing of pages, labels etc…), the document will have to be reimbursed and the user will be forbidden to lend it during the rest of the academic year.

Item 09:

  • In case of attempted theft of a document (unregistered loan), the preceding article applies

Item 10:

  • Patrons are responsible for their own belongings and the library is not responsible for loss or theft.

Item 11:

  • The borrower is responsible for the documents he/she borrows and any lost document must be replaced or refunded.

Item 12:

  • Any delay in the return of documents will result in sanctions.

Item 13:

  • Any document not returned at the end of the year will result in the withholding of the diploma or the re-enrolment.

Obtaining a discharge

This document certifies that you are free of any obligation to the library. It is required for the validation of your degree or the transfer of your file in case of registration in another institution.

NB/ Require a discharge to be sent to the school at the end of each academic year.

Submit a thesis :

After the defense:

– the jury asked for corrections during the defense:

– Submit the corrected version of your final project (02 copies, plus a CD in PDF format).

– provide the library with a certificate from your EFP supervisor indicating that the new version submitted complies with the corrections requested by the jury (NB download the form …).

* what type of material should be used for the roofing?

As this is the outer cover page, it is best to choose a sturdy one, especially as the brief may be subject to frequent handling. A strong cardboard, covered with plastic sheeting would be ideal. It is also important to use light colors to ensure maximum legibility.

Library in numbers :

Since the opening of the library, membership has been growing.