The work of electrical engineers is ubiquitous in our daily lives; just think of all the electrical machines and means of transport that we use regularly. It is surprising to see how many companies of all sectors of activity are eager to take on board EEA graduates.

Options offered
  • Electrical (Power) engineering : Electrical machines, electrical networks, production, transport and distribution of electrical energy, control and command, protection, switchgear, high voltage, renewable energy, microcontrollers and computers
  • Automation: Programmable industrial controllers, system control, system identification, modelling & simulation, production engineering, regulation, feedback; robotics, process supervision.

Principal subjects taught

Automation, Electronics, Power Electronics, Electromagnetism, DC and AC Electrical Machines, Electrical Networks and HV Techniques, Modelling & CAD, Signal Processing, Computer Science, Digital Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, Renewable Energy, Quality & Energy Efficiency, EMC, Standardisation & Industrial Safety, Business Organisation & Management, English

Practical Laboratory equipment :
  • Laboratories: DC electrical machines (shunt, series and compound), AC electrical machines (asynchronous and synchronous),
  • Laboratories: HV, Electrical networks, Switchgear, Digital electronics.
  • Laboratories: Six-axis robot with sensors, Helicopter, 4-level didactic lift, PLC, Real-time laboratory (Opal RT)
Areas of application
  • Generation (power plants), transmission (EHV, MV and HV lines) & distribution of electrical energy
  • Electromechanical energy conversion (electrical machines) ;
  • Process control ;
  • Electrical engineering ;
  • Maintenance, …
Graduates can work as:
  1. Design & Consulting Engineer
  2. Design engineer
  3. Research & Development Engineer
  4. Quality & Safety Engineer
  5. Maintenance engineer
  6. Business Manager
In these public or private companies:

Sonelgaz ; Kahrif ; SKMK ; SDE ; Sonatrach ; Sonacome ; Cement plants; Transport (railways, tramways and metro) ; Algérie Telecom ; Design offices ; PME and PMI.