Playing a very important role in particular in scientific research and technological development, innovation and promotion of entrepreneurship, this department headed by Pr. S. Chekroud is in charge of the following missions:

  • organize and follow the progress of doctoral training and to ensure the application of the regulations in force;
  • follow the research activities of the laboratories and research units with the departments;
  • carry out any action of valorization of the research results;
  • collect and disseminate information on the research activities carried out by the school;
  • monitor and ensure the coherence of faculty training and development programs;
  • monitor the functioning of the school’s scientific council and to coordinate the action of the departmental scientific committees;
  • initiate actions to promote exchanges and cooperation with other higher education institutions in the field of teaching and research;
  • meet the needs of companies and national institutions for scientific research and technological development;
  • encourage the development of innovation and entrepreneurship.