The research Unit ” Materials Sciences and Applications ” is domiciled at the University of Constantine 1 and constituted of nine (09) teams:

Team 1

(Prof. D. Hamana, ENPC)
Study of phase transitions in metallic alloys

Team 4

(Dr D. Bouzid, ENPC)
Processes, Environment, Pharmaco-technology and Composites

Team 7

(Prof. L. Hadjadj, Univ. Constantine 1)
Nanomaterials and nanotechnology.

Team 2

(Prof. S. Achour, ENPC)
Micro and nano electronics

Team 5

(Prof. S. Chekroud, Univ. Constantine 1)
Study of dental biomaterials

Team 8

(Prof. D. Khireddine, Univ. Constantine 1)
Microstructure and corrosion of metallic materials

Team 3

(Prof. M.F. Mosbah, ENPC)
Electrical and magnetic properties of materials

Team 6

(Prof. M. Bouchear, Univ. Constantine 1)
Characterization and valorization of geomaterials

Team 9

(Prof. A. Boutefnouchet, Universités Constantine 3 and Annaba)
Study of pathological calcifications