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Created by interministerial order of August 31, 2019 setting a joint research service within the Ecole Nationale Polytechnique de Constantine – Malek Bennabi, the technology platform with eight (08) partner institutions is composed of three (03) sections: “Development” section, “Manufacturing” section and “Analysis, Evaluation and Maintenance” section.


Partner Institutions

The Three (03) Sections of the Technological Platform

Les différentes familles de matériaux

Section of elaboration of materials is dedicated

  • to develop high-performance metallic materials,
  • to develop high-performance ceramic materials,
  • to develop high-performance composite materials,


Prototype manufacturing section is dedicated

  • to manufacture metal prototypes,
  • to manufacture ceramic prototypes,
  • to manufacture composite prototypes,


Analysis, Evaluation and Maintenance section is dedicated

  • to evaluate and control the materials used in the manufacture of prototypes,
  • to make tests on the manufactured prototypes,
  • to ensure the maintenance and repair of the equipment.

Equipment of the Technological Platform

Elaboration section


  • induction furnace 1800°C
  • heat treatment furnaces 1400° C and 1500°C
  • set of vacuum heat treatment furnaces (1500° C furnace and 1400° C sintering furnace)
  • crusher and screening machine
  • extruder for ceramic paste
  • ultra fast sintering system (spark plasma sintering)
  • high temperature sintering furnace with debinding furnace

Manufacturing Section


  • sinker EDM machining center
  • 5-axis machining center (ultrasonic assisted as an option)
  • 3-axis CNC machining center (turning and milling)
  • 200 ton motorized hydraulic press
  • water jet cutting machine
  • laser welding and curing
  • plasma coating machine
  • Nitrogen generator
  • 3D printer for ceramics
  • 3D metal printer with sintering and debinding furnace
  • 3D resin printer 3D scanner with structured light for reverse engineering and quality control
  • 3D printer for thermoplastic with scanner
  • scientific glass blowing workshop
  • potentiostat- Galvanostat with impedance meter
  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

Analysis, Evaluation and Maintenance Section


  • 3D Profilometer -Rugosimeter
  • Radiofrequency Glow Discharge Spectrometer GDOES
  • X-ray diffractometer for the evaluation of manufacturing materials
  • DSC/ATD/ATG 1600° C
  • bi-axial fatigue machine
  • Universal mechanical testing machine 200 kN
  • X-ray fluorescence
  • FTIR-ATR infrared spectrometer
  • microdurometer
  • Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM/FEG)
  • differential dilatometer (TMA) 1600° C
  • rheometer
  • BET and density meter
  • MEB/FEG to evaluate and control materials used in manufacturing
  • XPS
  • electronic preparation and repair workshop
  • mechanical preparation and repair workshop


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